Winter Share 2020 with Norwich Meadows Farm now open!

Above: Example of Veg in a Regular Share Box

Winter share boxes contain more items than typical Summer/Fall shares and can include eggs, dairy, meat, chicken, and/or a selection of value added products depending on the type of share, in addition to fresh produce grown on the farm.

Three share types are each available in a Medium or Large box: Vegan, Meat, or Lacto-Ovo. (For comparison, If you participated in our Summer or Fall Share, our veg was packed in a Small box.)

Please click this link for detailed examples of each share from the farm posted by our sister CSA, Washington Square:

$570 Winter Share – Regular
$830 Winter Share – Deluxe

Crops for the winter may include things such as: Garlic, Cippolini Onion, Shallots, Scallions, Beets (Red, White, Forono, Gold, White, Badger, Chioggia), Cabbages (Caraflex, Green, Napa, Red), Carrots (Orange, Kyoto, Purple, White, Yellow), Celery Root, Parsley, Cilantro, Celery, Sunchokes, Kohlrabi, Potatoes (Red, Blue, Yukon Gold, Russet, Fingerings), Sweet Potato, Radish (Black, Watermelon, Japanese, Daikon, Green Meat, Bordeaux), Parsnips, Rutabaga, Turnips (Japanese, Hinona Kabu, Red).

Sign up by Monday, December 14th

Meet our farmer online –

Instagram         Facebook

Support Abrons Art Center and Henry Street Settlement

Our longtime home and partner, the Abrons Arts Center is currently closed but is still holding virtual classes and supporting local artists affected through direct financial support with an Artist Community Relief Fund. For more information and to contribute, visit

Henry Street Settlement (the parent org of Abrons) COVID-19 response team needs volunteers – Adults 18+ looking to volunteer from home or in the neighborhood. Programs include:

  1. emergency food distribution and
  2. senior check-in calls (multilingual a plus – especially Spanish and Chinese).

See details on Henry Street’s volunteer webpage where individuals can sign-up to volunteer and learn about the different ways Henry Street is responding to the current emergency.



2020 Flower Share & Dried Flower Add-on

Sign Up Now! See Details Below.

Take home a lush mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers, foliage, and aromatic herbs. Featuring mainly classic cottage garden annuals and perennials, all plants are selected with an eye for subtle colors, interesting textures and pleasing scents.  

Flowers by Lily Bruder-Zal of Vanishing Point Farm (Highland, NY) are grown using organic methods, right here in the Hudson River Valley, and freshly harvested so you can expect your bouquet to last up to a week.

2020 SHARE*

*UPDATE – Everlasting Dried Arrangement Order Deadline is Monday, October 12th

  • $120 for 8 weekly pick ups ($15/wk) starting Friday August 21st through October 9th, with the last consisting of dried flowers. 
  • Add-on (see images below) – an everlasting bouquet made from flowers picked throughout the season and carefully dried, so you can enjoy them through the winter. $15 for flower share members and $20 for everyone else. Pick up Friday, November 13th or Sunday, November 15th.
  • Pickup at Partybus Bakeshop on Fridays. 
  • The deadline to sign up is Friday August 14th. 

To reserve your flower share or ask questions, please send Lily an email, and you’ll receive confirmation within a day or two.  

Payment can be made via check, Venmo, or Chase quickpay, all associated with the email address: Checks can be made out to Vanishing Point Farm, and mailed to: 11 Austin drive, Highland, NY 12528

*We need to have a minimum of 10 orders to host this share. If the minimum isn’t met, you will receive a full refund.

Registration for the 2020 Season is open!

Find info about our shares and farm on our Shares page.

Ready to sign up?
You can purchase a 2020 share 2 ways – by credit card or with a check:

Credit Card – visit our squareup store and purchase a 2020 Vegetable Share:

Check – use the following form to submit contact info and receive mailing instructions:

Registrations will be processed when payment is received.

Payment Deadlines

All payments for the 2020 season are due by May 12, 2020.

Please understand that part of the economic mission of CSA is to support the efforts of local farmers, and a big part of that support is getting cash into the farmers’ hands during the off-season, to allow for seed purchases and farm maintenance at a time when no other income is coming in.

To that end, CSA members are required to pay for the entire season before distributions begin in June. In fact, we prefer that you pay for your entire membership right away. Since that’s not always so easy to do, installment payment plans are available. To inquire about a payment plan, please send an email to with the subject: payment plan. If payments are not received by established deadlines, membership may be subject to late fees or cancellation.

Work Requirement

Please note that there is a work requirement for this CSA. As an all-volunteer operation, Grand Street CSA relies on the work-contribution of members in order to function. We are using a separate service called to let you pick your own shifts. Every member is expected to sign up for a minimum number of distribution shifts during the season. The total number of required shifts (1 or 2) will be determined after the registration period has closed and is dependent on the total number of members for the coming season. Instructions for fulfilling this requirement will be provided at that time.

If you have any questions, please write to Thanks!

Sign up for Grand Street CSA’s 2018 Summer Season

Register Now for the Grand Street CSA Summer Season

Spring is just around the corner! That means farmers are planning for the upcoming season, and it’s time to sign up for your CSA share. The registration form includes important information about our CSA – some is outlined below.

Share Information:

  • We are once again partnering with Norwich Meadows Farm of Norwich, NY. 
  • One share is generally enough for a (non-vegetarian) family of two.
  • One share costs $355 for 22 weeks. This price is contingent on receipt of payment by March 15, 2018. 
  • After March 15th, one share will cost $370. 
  • Any unpaid registrations will be cancelled if payment in full is not received by April 30, 2018.

We also have optional add-ons: fruit & eggs.


  • Norwich Meadows Farms sources the majority of our fruit share from Red Jacket Orchards of Geneva, NY. Fruit may also be sourced from other local farms.
  • Full Share: $240 (for 20 weeks)
  • Half Share: $120 (you get a full share every other week — 10 weeks total)


  • Our eggs also come from Norwich Meadows Farm.
  • Full Share: $115.50 (1 dozen every week for 22 weeks)
  • Half Share: $57.75 (1/2 dozen every week for 22 weeks)

Volunteer Requirement:

  • We are asking all members to sign up for at least 2 volunteer shifts and depending on the number of members we may increase that to 3 shifts.

Day & Location:

  • Distribution will be on Tuesdays from 5:15pm to 8 pm at the Abrons Art Center. The season begins around the second or third Tuesday in June, weather dependent.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Register Now for the Grand Street CSA Summer Season

2018 Season Early Bird Discount

It’s still below freezing at the farm, but our farmer is already getting ready for the upcoming season. By sending payment early, we help our farm with a much needed infusion of funds. Submit payment by January 23rd to get a $25 discount on your share for 2018. Share prices and deadlines are as follows:

  • $330 if received by January 23rd
  • $355 if received between January 24th and March 15th
  • $395 if received between March 16th and April 25th

If you would like to reserve your share at the Early Bird Price, submit your email and name using the following link to receive payment instructions:


Email any questions to, and one of our core members will get back to you.

First Winter Share Pickup for 2017

Today is our first Winter Distribution for 2017!

In This Week’s Share:

For Everyone:

  • Value Added (preserved/canned items), 
  • Radicchio, 
  • Brussels Sprouts, 
  • Kohlrabi, 
  • Carrots, 
  • Potatoes, 
  • Onions, 
  • Pac Choi, 
  • Leeks, 
  • Cabbage, 
  • Husk Cherries, 
  • Lettuce, 
  • Turnips, 
  • Radishes, 
  • Winter Squash, 
  • Greens

Just for Omnivore: 

  • Eggs (1/2 doz), 
  • Yogurt (2 small), 
  • Meat

Just for Lacto-Ovo: 

  • Eggs (1 doz), 
  • Yogurt (1 large)

Just for Vegan: 

  • Pasta

Remember to pick up your extras:

  • Cider, 
  • Apples, 
  • Smoked Salmon, 
  • Fulton Fish Market Shares, 
  • and/or Lewis Waite

Farm Bridge Shares:

  • Due to truck issues there will be No Farm Bridge shares today. 
  • Distribution will be on January 23rd and March 6th. 

Also for Sale Today: 

  • Homemade Danish Rugbrød (Sourdough Rye Bread) – $6/lb

Distribution Information:

  • Distribution is from 5:15PM until 8PM at Abrons Art Center. 
  • The Next Distribution Date is January 23, 2018

Advance info from the farm about tomorrow’s distribution

Fruit shares: Please be prepared to haul a lot home tomorrow. We’ll be getting 4 varieties of apples – a double share (~17 lbs) for full shares and a regular share for half shares.

Vegetable shares: we’ll be getting at least 8 of the following


Like roots? Consider Winter Share!Sign up deadline – November 15thWinter Share Dates: 12/12, 1/23, 3/6, 3/27, 4/17, 5/8

Additional details here

Winter Share 2017-18

About Winter Share 

The Winter season is significantly different from our Regular season, so please read the following information carefully. Email any questions about Winter Share to, and a core member will get back to you.

Ready to sign up? Register online:


What is in Winter Share?

The Winter Share keeps us supporting Norwich Meadows year round and reminds us that local food doesn’t end with the regular growing season. Shares consist of storage crops, like roots and winter greens, dry beans, and a variety of dairy and value-added products from local farmers. Produce is grown in Norwich, New York. The Winter Season is designed to send the farm crucial startup funds to cover the cost of seed, equipment, repairs, materials, etc. Our Winter pickups are from December through May (6 pick-ups). We offer three (3) types of Winter shares: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Vegan Vegetarian, and Omnivore (see descriptions below). We are also offering frozen shares from The Farm Bridge (formerly Winter Sun Farms). Details below.

When do I pick up Winter Share?

Winter Share will be distributed every three to six weeks for a total of 6 pick-ups*.  Frozen shares are distributed during the first 5 dates. The dates scheduled* are as follows:

12/12, 1/23, 3/6, 3/27, 4/17, 5/8

*In cases of severe weather, members will be notified as soon as possible of changes in the distribution date. We have elected to bypass February distribution due to past difficulties related to severe weather and site logistics.

Pickup time: 

Winter distribution, like the summer/fall this year, will be Tuesday 5:15pm-8pm at the Abrons Art Center. Pick up will continue to be outdoors except on days weather is too severe for either people or vegetables.

As during our regular season, due to lack of storage, missed pickups cannot be compensated or refunded.  Leftovers will be donated to St. Mary’s Church immediately after distribution.

Volunteer Requirement:

All members will be required to sign up for 1-2 volunteer shifts depending on the number of members. We will contact members after registration closes to confirm the number of required shifts and instructions for signing up.


Share Options & Pricing:

We are offering 3 share options from Norwich Meadows Farm and a frozen share from The Farm Bridge (see below).

Norwich Meadows Farm Shares

The LACTO-OVO VEGETARIAN SHARE   includes produce, dairy and eggs, no meat. This share weighs about 20-25 lbs per pickup and fills approximately 2-3 regular canvas bags.

The VEGAN VEGETARIAN SHARE  is a vegetarian share without any animal products, such as eggs, or dairy. This share weighs about 25-30 lbs per pickup and fills approximately 2-4 regular canvas bags.

The OMNIVORE SHARE includes produce, dairy, eggs, ground beef and chicken. This share weighs about 15-20 lbs per pickup and fills approximately 2 regular canvas bags.

Variety:  The items in each share change on a monthly basis and are determined by what the farmer and local vendors have available.  In addition to receiving storage crops (carrots, turnips, radishes, beets, rutabaga & other roots, potatoes, onions), hearty greens, and preserved items (frozen squash, tomato sauce, pickled vegetables), locally produced pasta, dry beans & flour may be included.

A typical distribution would look something like the following:

Sample December Omnivore share:
(Lacto-ovo vegetarian share gets additional veggies and no meat)
Potatoes – 2.25 lbs     Carrots – 2.5 lbs     Garlic – 1/3 lb
Winter squash – 1      Onions – 1.5 lbs     Cabbage – 1 head
Eggs – 1 dozen          Chicken – 1/2       Cooking greens – 3/4 lb
1 Preserved product (jar of tomato puree, pickled beets, pickled peppers or pickled green tomatoes)

You can see what our sister CSA Washington Square CSA received over a past winter season here.

All Norwich Meadows Farm share options cost $305 and includes a $5 administrative fee. All share items, including produce, added value products (e.g. granola, pickles, tomato sauce), dairy, and meat are from Norwich Meadows Farm and neighboring farms. One (1) share provides enough food for 1-3 individuals depending on your diet, goals and cooking style. Animal products have a higher production cost, so even though the three (3) share types have different weights, they are all equal in value.

The FARM BRIDGE Frozen Share:

The Farm Bridge Shares partners with local sustainable farms to supply a winter share of great tasting frozen fruits and vegetables all winter long. Their goal is to deliver a superior product at a fair price for you and the farmer.

In your share, you’ll receive locally-grown frozen fruit and veggies from December to April. Some of the items you may receive include: summer corn, green beans, blueberries, kale, broccoli florets, tomato (jarred), and butternut squash puree. Many sites receive a bag of fresh pea shoots as part of the seven monthly items. This share must be purchased separately online, in addition to registering with Grand Street CSA. Sign up online at the following link:

$152 for 5 distributions (the first five dates above)
The registration Deadline for Farm Bridge is December 1st.



Extras are optional, but you must register for a Vegan, Lacto-Ovo, Omnivore or Frozen share in order to get extras. The registration form will open soon. Payment must be received by Wednesday, November 15th.

We are offering, apples, and apple cider as extras. Because our vendors require a minimum purchase, availability and cost will depend on interest. If we are unable to meet the minimum order for any of these items, you will receive a refund for any extras we are not able to purchase.

We’ll share info on Fulton Fish Market shares, smoked salmon and Lewis Waite Farms when available.


Email any questions about Winter Share to, and one of our core members will get back to you.

Ready to sign up? Register online: