Sharelog 2010

Core member Michel Walkley has been keeping a photographic sharelog of her full CSA shares, and I wanted to make sure everyone got to see these lovely pictures of our delicious produce:

And, for the more literally-minded, I’ve been keeping a record in spreadsheet form (though somehow I missed the exact breakdown for week 3):

I thought it would be interesting for everyone to see what we’ve been eating, just over one third of the way through our CSA season.

Cheese 6/29

Cheeses this week, a short note from the farm – 6/29/2010

“Devons Desire” – A soft ripened cheese made from a Chaource recipe which is a French Lactic curd recipe. This cheese is similar to that of Camembert and Brie in that they have a white mold on them. Since the cheese is aged in the same room with all the other cheeses they will have a few blue mold spots on them. This is ok and safe to eat.
Since there was no cheese last week everyone will be getting “Devons Desire” as well as “Cosmic Cow”. A good week for Cheese lovers!

Week 1

May 25, 2010 Week 1
Full Share from Woodbridge Farm

Great to see you all on the first distribution – sunny spring day was the perfect way to start the season!