Maple Syrup from Circle C Farm

Maple Syrup shipped to the Lower East Side from our partners at Circle C Farm! 

*** Orders due by May 15, 2022. ***

How to Order:

  1. Please provide your mailing address and order to Jen at:

  2. Please indicate if you would like Dark or Very Dark:
    • Half Gallon = $32
    • Quart = $19
    • Pint = $11
    • Half Pint = $7
    • 3.4 oz = $3

  3. Circle C will ship your syrup to Partybus Bakeshop and contact you with your total that includes a share of the shipping cost.

  4. How to Pay:
    Venmo: @wardjenna or
    cash app wardjenna

    Need an alternative payment method? Please email Jen and she can discuss options. 

  5. Grand Street CSA will contact you when your syrup is here are ready to pick up at Partybus Bakeshop.

Info about Maple Syrup grades:

Read about Joe & Cathy and Circle C Maple Farm on their website:

Contact Jen at

2021 Fish Shares

Salmon by Iliamna Fish Co.
Fourth generation family-owned fishing cooperative based in Bristol Bay, Alaska on the Bering Sea.

The Share – one-time fall pick up of Wild Alaskan Sockeye – 12 lbs. of flash frozen fillets

Sign up ASAP – until June 5th or when shares sell out

  • Go to:
  • Chose your share and select Grand Street (pink) as your pick up location on the calendar – September 21st or October 5th.
  • Pay in full or pay half now and half in the fall.
  • Note that pick up will at Partybus Bakeshop. You’ll receive a reminder by email.

The Fish Drop by Fulton Fish Market
Downtown by the docks since 1822 and relocated to Hunts Point in the Bronx in 2005

The Share – fresh, wild-caught, and ready to cook 2-serving share of fish from US waters. Add-on options, like shrimp, clams, smoked salmon & more.

Starts on or around June 29th.

  • Go to:
  • Sign up by Sunday to pick up that Tuesday.
  • Rolling sign up with week-to-week and 4-week options
  • Pick up your share at Partybus Bakeshop on Tuesday.

Maple Syrup Available for 2012

Maple Syrup from Circle C Maple Farm was a big hit last year, so we’re happy that Joseph and Cathy Cicero have a new harvest for us to enjoy. The funky spring weather (is it 80°? is it 30°?) was not ideal for maple sap, but enough juice was flowing to leave some inventory for us.

This year we have plenty of Grade B Quarts available for $21, and a small amount of dark amber and medium amber in pints ($13), quarts ($21), and half gallons ($35).

Sign up right now online to make sure you don’t miss out.

We’re asking members to pay for their syrup at our first distribution on Tuesday, June 5. Syrup will then show up a week later, on June 12.

This Maple syrup is all natural, organically processed from a family-owned farm in the Shawangunks Mountains.

Did you know? Sap is mostly water. Starting with approximately 2.5% sugar, the sap is boiled down to 67% sugar to make maple syrup. It will take 42 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

The Ciceros do not use a vacuum to suck sap from the trees — they don’t overtap or damage the trees. Sap just drips out of the tree one drop at a time … over 46,000 drops to get 1 gallon of sap.

Sign up right now online to make sure you don’t miss out.

New for 2011: Natural, Organic New York Maple Syrup

We’re glad to announce the availability of New York State Maple Syrup this year from Circle C Maple Farm.

Circle C is nestled in the Shawangunks Mountains — “The Gunks.” Joseph and Cathy Cicero are the owners and maple producers. Joe has been a member of the NY State Maple Producers Association since 1993.

For 18 years, Joe and Cathy produced syrup exclusively for their family. In 2010, they offered their syrup for the first time to CSAs, including Southside CSA, just across the Williamsburg Bridge. This year, the Ciceros expanded their production, and are offering syrup to restaurants and more CSAs in Brooklyn. (Grand Street CSA would be their first offering in Manhattan!)

This Maple syrup is all natural, organically processed from a family-owned farm in NY State.

Circle C offers both Grades A and B syrup (Grade A has a lighter color and milder flavor) in half-gallon ($30), quart ($20), and pint ($12) containers.

CSA Members can order online here:

We’ll be accepting payments at our first vegetable distribution on May 31 (and will hopefully have some samples to taste). Syrup will be available only once, at our second distribution on June 7.

Sign up now! Inventory is limited!

Woodbrige Pork Coming this Fall

Woodbridge Farm has let us know that their pork shares will soon be available again, a little earlier than the past two years.

Woodbridge Farm also raises heritage pigs. These animals are fed certified organic grain, supplemented by vegetables from our garden and whey from our cheese making process. They enjoy 2 acres of woods as their home and root and sleep as they are naturally meant to.

Their “Mini Pork Share” for $150 will be made up approximately of the following cuts and weights:

  • Pork Chops – 3 lbs
  • Country Style Ribs – 2 lbs
  • Sausage (hot, mild or breakfast) – 2 lbs
  • Shoulder Roast – 3.5 lb
  • Ham Steaks – 3 lbs
  • Bacon – 3 lbs

Please let Dave and Julia know directly if you want a share by emailing them at Payment can be made at the time the pork is delivered.

Distribution dates should be Oct. 5 and Oct. 26.

And remember, there are also Woodbridge Farm beef shares available. Sign up here.

More Chances for Beef Shares this Year

If you missed our grass-fed beef sign-up this spring, you’ll have a few more chances to participate. Woodbridge Farm will be providing us with beef over the next three or four months, and you can sign up whenever you have the urge. The order form below has the details:

Grass-Fed Beef Coming on Saturday

If you ordered organic, grass-fed beef in March from Kezialain Farms then it’s on its way!

Delivery is coming this Saturday, June 12 at the Abrons Art Center at 1pm. If some people have difficulty getting there this Saturday at 1pm, Meghan can store your beef in a cooler in our cold room at Donnybrook (37 degrees). It’s not a freezer but those big cuts off beef will not defrost quickly and she will have them on ice. (Meghan may also be able to store 1 additional share in her home freezer.)

Please bring an additional $7 in cash for delivery cost. The beef packages will vary (different cuts of steak etc) and we will be giving them out on a first come first served basis.

Email Meghan if you have questions or really really can’t pick up on Saturday.

CSA Extras: Eggs and Pasta

Our fruit farmer, Elizabeth Ryan, also operates Knoll Krest Farm, where some really happy hens live, making really happy eggs. Knoll Krest hens are free-running, hormone-free, antibiotic-free (and have been for over 50 years). They are in the process of transitioning to free range.

   Full share (12 eggs/week): $80
   Half share (6 eggs/week): $40

In addition, Knoll Krest offers fresh pasta handmade using flour (white and whole wheat), eggs from their own birds, and juiced fresh local vegetables (carrot, beet, spinach, and sweet red pepper).

   Pasta share (12 oz./week): $90

Since eggs and pasta are delivered together with our fruit, those extras will have the same schedule: starting a week later than vegetables and skipping a week early on (when there’s no fruit), for 21 weeks total.