Distribution Basics

When and Where

Tuesdays from 5:15PM until 8PM at Abrons Art Center, 466 Grand Street, on the plaza just outside the main entrance.

Checking In

Look for someone out front holding a clipboard and give your first name.


Members are responsible for bringing their own bags. 
Please remember to bring bags for your share.


Extras, such as eggs and flowers, are distributed at a separate table. Please check in again when you pick up your extras.

CSA Etiquette 

As we get further into the season, the variety and volume of our share will increase. These guidelines help us stay organized and fair, especially as our pick-up gets more complicated:

  • Check the large white board and the signs on each bin to make sure you take the right amount.
  • Make sure that your scale is properly tared — that is, zeroed out with an empty bowl.
  • Weigh carefully, and don’t sneak a few extra ounces/items.
  • Don’t strip the waste (lettuce core, radish greens, etc.) before you weigh.
  • Watch your children and pets to make sure they treat the produce with care. 
  • Please keep children away from the balcony (the railing isn’t designed to prevent falling) and help them safely navigate the steps.

Leftovers and What Happens if Your Forget to Pick Up

We have no storage and are unable to hold anything that is not picked up during distribution. But know any leftover food is all well used; the Grand Street CSA donates all leftover produce and extras to Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry, St. Mary’s Church, and the Educational Alliance for distribution the very next day to needy families in our neighborhood.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Pick Up for You

If you can’t get to us during distribution time due to work schedule, vacation or just pure poor planning, feel free to ask a friend or neighbor to do your pickup for you.  Be sure to share this email with friends/neighbors who are coming to pick up your share this week. Please just explain to anyone you send the basics of pick up and remind them to check in under your name first.  You may want to arrange this in advance or work out a plan with another CSA member for exactly these last minute snafus.