In Memoriam – Cathy Cicero – Circle C Maple

It is with heavy hearts that we dedicate this post to Cathy Cicero of Circle C Maple, who passed this season last year in October 2022. Cathy and Joe produced and delivered their maple syrup to Grand Street CSA every year, and we are so sad to say this is our first year without Circle C and a visit or delivery from Joe and Cathy since Grand Street CSA began its partnership with Circle C Maple in 2011.

Joe & Cathy’s niece Jenn wrote:

Sadly, Cathy of Circle C Maple, my Aunt, passed in late October. My family spent hours putting together photos to share at the service. They wanted me to create a Maple Syrup collage because that was one of her favorite things. See [above]. They loved the experiences they had by doing this. I will never forget Cathy sharing stories about their visits to Grand Street. They loved getting to meet everyone and share the Syrup they worked so hard to make. They were NOT city people but had the best time. It was a special thing for them to share and they were always amazed at the turn out and to see all the folks enjoy their syrup. It was a dream come true for them.

We looked forward to Joe and Cathy’s visits every year. We enjoyed everything about them – they were always so energetic and enthusiastic every time, even though navigating the city streets (we learned later on) was a very stressful thing for them. They gave away lots of tastes and taught our community all about the maple syrup they were excited to share. We put Circle C syrup in cakes, sauces, marinades, drinks, and of course, poured it over pancakes and waffles. We thank Joe, Cathy & Jenn for sharing their syrup, their family enterprise, and their piece of the Shawangunk Mountains. We’ll miss them and wish them all the best.

Do you remember Joe and Cathy visiting with us on the steps of the Art Center? Do you still have a jug of Circle C syrup in your kitchen? If you are a fan of Joe and Cathy and their maple syrup and want to share a story, photo, or message, please email them to, and we will be sure to forward them to Jenn for their family.

Maple Syrup from Circle C Farm

Maple Syrup shipped to the Lower East Side from our partners at Circle C Farm! 

*** Orders due by May 15, 2022. ***

How to Order:

  1. Please provide your mailing address and order to Jen at:

  2. Please indicate if you would like Dark or Very Dark:
    • Half Gallon = $32
    • Quart = $19
    • Pint = $11
    • Half Pint = $7
    • 3.4 oz = $3

  3. Circle C will ship your syrup to Partybus Bakeshop and contact you with your total that includes a share of the shipping cost.

  4. How to Pay:
    Venmo: @wardjenna or
    cash app wardjenna

    Need an alternative payment method? Please email Jen and she can discuss options. 

  5. Grand Street CSA will contact you when your syrup is here are ready to pick up at Partybus Bakeshop.

Info about Maple Syrup grades:

Read about Joe & Cathy and Circle C Maple Farm on their website:

Contact Jen at

Maple Syrup Partnership

Make your apartment the best brunch spot in town with New York State maple syrup from Circle C Farms for your summer’s pancakes and waffles.

Place your order before June 13 for guaranteed delivery during the June 28 pickup. Joe and Cathy will also be on hand selling extra sizes. Unfortunately due to a slow sugar season, not all sizes and varieties will be on sale.

There are two varieties for sale: Amber Color & Rich Taste (formerly known as Grade A Medium Amber) and Dark Color & Robust Taste (formerly known as Grade A Dark Amber). Both are popular for all-around use. There is a limited supply of Very Dark Amber, which is ideal for cooking.

The above varieties come in the following sizes: Gallon ($62), Half Gallon ($35), Quart ($21), Pint ($13), Half Pint ($8), and 3.4 oz. ($4.50)

This Maple syrup is all natural, organically processed from a family-owned farm in NY State!
Fill out the form to guarantee a your syrup on June 28.