Links from Just Food

I went to a great workshop at Just Food the other night, and was reminded that they’re connected to a bunch of things that might be of interest to our members. (Just Food is the organization that helps connect communities in NYC with local farms — they got us started back in 2008.)

First of all, there’s the CSA in NYC Conference coming up on Feb. 28. Several of our core members are going to be attending, but the conference is open to anyone at all who’s interested in the current state of CSAs in the city.

On the way out of their office, I picked up some flyers that looked interesting:

  • Bee Native is a non-profit hoping to strengthen the health and increase the population of honey bees in the U.S. (And I learned that an old tradition of newlyweds drinking mead — honey wine — for the month after their wedding is where the word “honeymoon” comes from.)
  • Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is promoting a 10-point Food Charter, “Principles for a sustainable food system,” including environment, education, and community. You can sign on to his food pledge.
  • A new cookbook called “Big Green Cookbook” gives lots of recipes and kitchen tips to help you reduce your carbon food-print.

For those of you hooked in to such things, Just Food has a useful Twitter feed and a lively Facebook page.