Maple Syrup Available for 2012

Maple Syrup from Circle C Maple Farm was a big hit last year, so we’re happy that Joseph and Cathy Cicero have a new harvest for us to enjoy. The funky spring weather (is it 80°? is it 30°?) was not ideal for maple sap, but enough juice was flowing to leave some inventory for us.

This year we have plenty of Grade B Quarts available for $21, and a small amount of dark amber and medium amber in pints ($13), quarts ($21), and half gallons ($35).

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We’re asking members to pay for their syrup at our first distribution on Tuesday, June 5. Syrup will then show up a week later, on June 12.

This Maple syrup is all natural, organically processed from a family-owned farm in the Shawangunks Mountains.

Did you know? Sap is mostly water. Starting with approximately 2.5% sugar, the sap is boiled down to 67% sugar to make maple syrup. It will take 42 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.

The Ciceros do not use a vacuum to suck sap from the trees — they don’t overtap or damage the trees. Sap just drips out of the tree one drop at a time … over 46,000 drops to get 1 gallon of sap.

Sign up right now online to make sure you don’t miss out.