CSA Extras: Eggs and Pasta

Our fruit farmer, Elizabeth Ryan, also operates Knoll Krest Farm, where some really happy hens live, making really happy eggs. Knoll Krest hens are free-running, hormone-free, antibiotic-free (and have been for over 50 years). They are in the process of transitioning to free range.

   Full share (12 eggs/week): $80
   Half share (6 eggs/week): $40

In addition, Knoll Krest offers fresh pasta handmade using flour (white and whole wheat), eggs from their own birds, and juiced fresh local vegetables (carrot, beet, spinach, and sweet red pepper).

   Pasta share (12 oz./week): $90

Since eggs and pasta are delivered together with our fruit, those extras will have the same schedule: starting a week later than vegetables and skipping a week early on (when there’s no fruit), for 21 weeks total.