Grass-Fed Beef Coming on Saturday

If you ordered organic, grass-fed beef in March from Kezialain Farms then it’s on its way!

Delivery is coming this Saturday, June 12 at the Abrons Art Center at 1pm. If some people have difficulty getting there this Saturday at 1pm, Meghan can store your beef in a cooler in our cold room at Donnybrook (37 degrees). It’s not a freezer but those big cuts off beef will not defrost quickly and she will have them on ice. (Meghan may also be able to store 1 additional share in her home freezer.)

Please bring an additional $7 in cash for delivery cost. The beef packages will vary (different cuts of steak etc) and we will be giving them out on a first come first served basis.

Email Meghan if you have questions or really really can’t pick up on Saturday.