Registration Open for All at 8:30 pm

Our Meet the Farmers event tonight is your chance to meet our new vegetable growers, Max and Kerry Taylor, ask questions about how our CSA works and what Max and Kerry are planning to do to make the most of their farm, and register for the 2012 season.

Please join us at 7pm in the Seward Park Co-op Community Room at 268 East Broadway. (If you don’t know where the room is, please ask the security guard or follow the signs posted inside.)

We’ll have laptops set up so you can fill in our online registration form, and we’ll be accepting your checks and credit cards to pay for your CSA membership.

If you can’t make the meeting, you’ll be able to register online right here starting at 8:30pm.

(We don’t have the same limit on shares that we’ve had for the past three years, so we are opening up registration to everyone at once — old members, people on our wait list, the whole community — and we will not need to turn anyone away. So don’t worry about logging in exactly at 8:30, you are not going to lose your spot.)