2010 Priorities

After collecting survey results, the core members met to discuss the year and make some initial plans for 2010. Among the many things we covered:

  • We’d like to have more constant communication with our farmers/vendors, and with our members to make sure everyone’s in the loop about upcoming crops, weather-related mishaps, distribution problems, etc. On the core side it means assigning a primary contact person for each of the outside groups we deal with. For members, it means you’ll probably be getting more email from us and/or our web site will be updated more regularly.
  • We are wary of going back to Breezy Hill for our fruit next year. The variety was a disappointment to many members, and our communication with the farm was less than ideal. If we can’t make sure of having a better relationship with Breezy Hill next year, we’ll look into finding another source for fruit.
  • Providing low-income shares is a priority for 2010. We may be able to work with Henry Street Settlement or one of two other non-profit groups that have contacted us about finding eligible members. This year’s donations have given us a good footing for next year’s subsidies.
  • We would like to have more Tuesday events next year tied in to distribution, and we’ll be looking for a (new) core member specifically interested in helping to plan some special programs.
  • We will begin sign-ups for the season much earlier than last year — in January.