Survey Results

We hope the long survey didn’t turn you off, but getting basic input on each type of vegetable and fruit gave us a lot of good data to look at. It’s difficult to reach consensus about how much of each crop to request from our farmers, but where there was a clear majority for “Too Little” or “Too Much” we can definitely ask for changes next year. For vegetables, that list looks like this:

Too Little
91%   Sweet Potatoes
87%   Brussel Sprouts
85%   Broccoli
75%   Cauliflower
71%   Cucumbers
67%   Spinach
67%   Scallions
65%   Eggplant
64%   Peas
62%   Onions
55%   Leeks
55%   Tomatoes
52%   Beets

Too Much
75%   Potatoes

For fruit, obviously, it was pretty clear that apples were oversupplied while berries were marginalized (more on this below). And for eggs — well, maybe it was a little silly to ask the same questions for eggs.

If you’re interested, you can see pretty graphs of the survey results here.