Treasurer’s Report 2009

Thanks to all who participated this year in the CSA! As most of you know our support helps the farms we work with stay afloat and in return we get the freshest and healthiest food around. So here is a quick summary of what our CSA did this year:

We collected and paid the following to the farms:

  • Woodbridge Farm: $34,250 for 21 full shares and 68.5 half shares of vegetables
  • Breezy Hill Farm: $9,954 for 43 full and 26 half shares of fruit
  • Knoll Krest Farm: $2,940 for 21 full shares and 28 half shares of eggs  

We invested $602 in 100 canvas bags and so far we have collected $310 but we still have 68 bags left to sell next year. We also collected $1571 in donations and administrative fees. Thanks to all of those who donated money this year, now we have a strong foundation for setting up multiple low income shares for 2010. We have been in contact with a local organization and a couple of state run organizations that will connect us to those in need. When we know the organization that we will be working with next year we will be sure to let everyone know.