Enter the Great CSA Smackdown 2013!!

Share Your Local Food Skills!

With just 30 minutes to cook in the Great CSA Smackdown, CSA members highlight how fast and delicious our fresh, local food can be.

Thanks to Caroline (above) and Dan of Grand Street’s winning team, the Emo Eggplants, for their smackdown -style demo at distribution last Tuesday!

In this year’s THE GREAT CSA SMACKDOWN, Grand Street CSA defends its title!

 Will the Emo Eggplants return to the final event, or will it be you?


Just Food challenges New York City CSAs to show off their cooking talent and local food skills with the: a city-wide cooking competition for members of Just Food Network CSAs. CSA members will be pitted against each other as they prepare a delicious dish around an assortment of ingredients directly from their CSA share! With only 30 minutes to cook, competitors will need to rely on their speed, skill and creativity to make the cut. Winners will advance to a city wide final-round event, representing their CSA community in the quest to come out on top of the GREAT CSA SMACKDOWN.
Grand Street CSA will be holding its round of the Smackdown on a Sunday afternoon in mid-/late-September (date/location TBD). We’ll have details on where and when in the coming weeks. Find more details, rules, and register to cook here!

Email Smackdown questions to info@grandstreetcsa.org.