Grand Street CSA 2013-2014 Winter Share Signup

The Winter Season is designed to provide members with fresh, local produce and farm-fresh foods through the winter months, and at the same time, send the farm crucial startup funds to cover the cost of seed, equipment, repairs, materials, etc. Before you complete this membership agreement, please take the time to read about the Grand Street CSA on our website. The following links should be most useful:

Registering for the CSA on this form is only the first of three steps to confirm your membership. After signing up here, you will also need to pay for your shares and sign up for one distribution shift to fulfill your work requirement.

Please understand that part of the economic mission of CSA is to support the efforts of local farmers, and a big part of that support is getting cash into the farmers’ hands during pre-winter season.

You will be able to pay by check, or online with PayPal or credit card for a 3% fee. To that end, CSA members are required to pay for the entire season no later than Wednesday November 20, 2013. In fact, we prefer that you pay for your entire membership right away. Since that’s not always so easy to do, installment payment plans are available; after completing this membership agreement, please respond to your confirmation email to inquire about personal payment options.

Finally, do note that there is a work requirement for this CSA. Every member must sign up for one distribution shift during the winter season. We are using a separate service called VolunteerSpot to let you pick your own shifts. You will receive a separate email with instructions for fulfilling this requirement.

If you have any questions, please write to Thanks!