First Distribution Today June 18th

Come on by Abrons Arts Center at 466 Grand Street today, rain or shine, between 5:15pm and 8pm to collect your first share of the season!  Here is the info about the share today:

The list below is for one share of produce.  If you ordered two shares (equivalent to the FULL share last season) you will pick up double this amount.  Please remember it is early in the season so don’t be concerned about the limited amount – there is more to come!! 

1 lettuce
1 pac choi
1 lb greens (the greens were not identified so we will all be surprised, but assume they are cooking greens)
6 to 7 garlic scapes
5 spring onions
4 radish
4 spring garlic
Also if you ordered extras don’t forget to pick them up too! Today we will have: 
Pushcart Coffee has generously offered to bring free coffee for members starting at 5pm.  Thanks Pushcart!!