June Bake Sales Were a Great Success

Michele Egan writes in about the success of her June bake sales:

Hi CSA members!

Our bake sales were a success, we raised close to $1,100 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Thank you to all for your support, week after week! Thank you for allowing your kids to buy treats then negotiating to hold off until after dinner. We all know how much fun that is!

Special thanks to Jeremy Sherber, Erica Cullman, Katia Kubicek, Teresa Wong and Ron Baltazar who baked and/or helped us sell! Also thank you, Daria Segalini for helping Michele carry all her stuff back to her apartment!!!!

What an amazing community we live in. Feel free to come cheer for us on July 8th in Central Park.

Michele, Sara & Kate

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