Bagged or Loose?

As you saw last week, our new farmers are pre-bunching our veggies into full- and reduced-share sizes so that you don’t need to do any counting or weighing. Max and Kerry say it’s no problem for them to do this, and helps guarantee that they are providing the right amount of vegetables for all our members. (We were sure to tell them as we prepared for this season that running out of veggies before 8:00 was a nagging problem last year.) It makes picking up your share much easier, too: all you have to do is go down the line — reduced shares to the left, full shares to the right — and pick up one bunch from each bin.

But a few members last week complained that the loose salad greens were bunched into ziploc bags, and it does seem like a bit of a waste. (In fact, since a ziploc is not the best way to store these greens, as soon as I got home I transferred them to a slightly damp kitchen towel and wrapped them up for the fridge.)

What do you think? Should they come bagged or loose for members to weigh at distribution? Please vote below!