Preparing for the 2012 Season

The core group will be meeting with Max and Kerry, the new farmers up at Woodbridge Farm, next week to make sure that we are ready to maintain our relationship to the farm even though the farmers have changed.

Max and Kerry both have years of experience at other, larger CSA farms in New England, and we’ll be looking to hear more about their approach. We’ll also want to ask them something they may not actually have a direct answer for: why our yields from the farm have been so low the past two years, and how they expect to get better results.

Paula Lukats from Just Food will be joining us — Just Food is the organization that help set us up, and continues to offer support to CSAs throughout NYC. We’ll be looking to Paula to help us during this transition.

Then, assuming we’re going to forge ahead, we’ll be setting up a meet-the-farmers event in short order (hopefully on Jan. 24 at 7pm, but that’s not yet confirmed) for our full CSA membership and wait list. It’s important to get that to happen soon so that everyone can make up their minds about joining for our 2012 season.

In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook you can check out Max and Kerry’s new page: (For boring incorporation reasons, the land is still called Woodbridge Farm but Max and Kerry’s new business is called Provider Farm.)

Much more news soon.