Woodbridge Farm Meat Shares Available

Woodbridge Meat is available for the fall — see below for options, and then please email the farm directly if you are interested: woodbridgefarmonline@gmail.com.

Our herd of Milking Devons and Jerseys is at the heart of our biodynamic farm producing the gold that maintains the fertility of our land: cow manure. Our cattle are raised on pasture, which are managed in a rotational grazing system. Their diet consists of a daily piece of fresh pasture, hay, and small quantities of certified organic grain. We are nourishing the pastures with our own biodynamic compost, wood ashes, lime stone and compost teas.

American Milking Devons’ meat is recognized by the Slow Food Arc of Taste for its outstanding flavor.

We keep the horns and tails on our cows, allowing them to fully exhibit natural cattle behaviors such as establishing a hierarchy in the herd and swatting flies. They are given the ample space that their horns claim, are allowed to graze on diverse, tall pasture where they can pick and choose what suits their dietary needs best.

Our calves are raised out on pasture nursing on and learning to graze alongside their mothers – never confined, never isolated, never fed any GMO’s or milk replacers.

Option 1: 15 lbs Beef Variety pack — $145
All 15 lbs Variety packs will include 7lbs of ground beef and the remaining 8 lbs will include a variety of steaks, roasts, and various other miscellaneous cuts including short ribs, sirloin tip, London Broil, brisket, and stew meat cubes. All packages will be equal in value; the specific cuts will vary.

Option 2: 15 lbs Veal Variety pack — $155
5 lbs of ground veal, 2 lbs of rib chops, 8 lbs of a variety of stew meat, roasts and shoulder chops.

Option 3: Ground beef Special — 10 lbs Ground Beef — $70

Option 4: Ground veal Special — 10 lbs Ground Veal — $70

Option 5: Organ Meat Special — 10 lbs of organ meats — $35

Option 6: 10 lbs Pork Fatback — $12

To place your order please contact Julia: woodbridgefarmonline@gmail.com