Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for patience last night for what must have been inconvenient for many. I know a lot of people plan for an early dose of vegetables on Tuesdays, and when the truck is late it can really throw a wrench in dinner/work/childcare plans. But there was a very cooperative spirit around distribution last night. In fact, it was downright mellow.

Members on set-up duty either showed up while it was still pouring to help carry the fruit and eggs upstairs, or returned just in time to help unload the truck, then stuck around a little longer to make sure there wasn’t a crazy rush at 6pm. The bridge shift slipped in just in time to help write up our white board and sign in everyone who was waiting. And our hosts at Abrons were very generous about letting us keep some distribution gear inside in case it started to rain again.

At this point in the season, everyone knows the drill, and so many members just seem glad to show up and lend a hand. It’s a nice group to be a part of, don’t you think?