Before this Month Is Over, There Will Be CSA!

The weather is warm, the trees are green, and fresh vegetables are on the way.

First distribution for vegetables will be May 31, the day after Memorial Day. We were shooting for May 24, but, as Heather writes on Facebook, a cold spring and frequent rain have pushed their schedule back one week. (Don’t worry, we’ll still get a full 23 weeks.)

In the meantime, please pay the remainder of your membership fee (that’s a message for only a few of you — most of our members are all paid up … thank you!) and remember to sign up for your CSA work requirement. (Anyone who hasn’t received an email from us this week.)

If you’re interested in helping to plan a Second Tuesday event, send a note to We try to put some sort of special event together once a month, but we could really use your input and your help.

We are looking to organize a few more extras, like grass-fed beef and maple syrup. Both of these would be one-shot deals, not part of the weekly distribution. We’ll have more details soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again on May 31!