Green Superheroes this Tuesday

This month’s Second Tuesday event features The Anthropologists, “company of artists dedicated to the creation of investigative, socially relevant, and engaging theatrical work.” They’ll be presenting their work, “Green Superheroes,” from 5:00 to 7:00 at distribution, and they need your help:

If the most awful evil confronting humanity today is the threat of climate change, who will do something about it? Where is Superman when we need him?

Join The Anthropologists on Tuesday, September 14 from 5-7PM and create your own superhero alter-ego! Actors will work with Grand Street CSA members to create eco-superheroes and design costumes from recycled materials and “clean trash” (e.g. paper towel rolls, packaging materials). Participants can invent a superhero character with special powers to help accomplish “green” goals, can complete a “Superhero Identification Card” and can even create a video podcast in character!

Community members are invited to contribute their own clean trash to this project!

Here they are in June at Go Green Day in the Bronx:

Go Green Day! from the anthropologists on Vimeo.